Sunday, 14 June 2009

Finding long lost treasure

I have Yo-Yo kids. They live with me a while, then go away either to uni or to work elsewhere, then they move back home again.

The trouble is, when they move out, my crafting stash migrates into the cupboards in their bedrooms, so when my eldest son said he and his girlfriend would like to move back home in a couple of weeks time, one of my first thoughts was "where do I put all the craft stuff ?"

So, I'm having to de-stash a bit, and generally re-organise, and its amazing what I've found.

Thanks to the re-organisation, this little book which I made over a year ago, has seen the light of day again. I was doing a lot of experimenting with silk fusion at the time and I wanted to see if I could make an entire book (pages as well as covers) out of silk. I wanted to be able to write on the pages, so the thin silk paper that I usually make, which is translucent in places, would not do.

The pages are slightly thicker than I would have liked them to be, but it made it easy to create the
signatures, and I love the natural speckled effect.

The silk for the covers had gilding flakes embedded and was spray dyed. I then hand embroidered the spiral pattern before trimming it down to make the covers. The book mark consists of several lengths of glittery silk strands attached to the inside of the spine with a bead attached to one to weight it.

So re-organisation is good! Who knows what other treasures I may un earth in the next couple of weeks.

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