Friday, 16 March 2012

Super Model for Jaden Boots

I thought I would share this picture that Jessica from River CityKnits sent me of the Jaden Boots she has knitted.
The Super Model is under one day old!!!! so there is plenty of room for growing, but she is showing the boots off nicely and seems quite happy in front of the camera.
If you want to knit these boots I have the pattern for sale on Etsy or Ravelry or Craftsy
They use double knit yarn and come in three sizes from newborn to 12 months. As Jessica is on her fourth pair I think I can safely say they are quick to knit!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Dresses for Malawi

Wow! It's been a busy week!
I had initially intended to make a couple of dresses for dress a girl around the world . There is a UK co-ordinator ( sewscrumptious)  that the dresses are sent to and they go to Malawi, Haiti, Uganda.... wherever there is a need.
I had just cut out the first one when I received an email from a friend asking people to donate items to a container that was shortly to go to Malawi. They needed stationary, computer items and of course... clothing! How timely, I thought, my dresses can now go direct, and I'll know exactly where they are going. But I only had two weeks!
I have cut and sewn like mad all week and now have a grand total of 10 dresses ready to send. Phew!
I have to confess, although I know the pillowcase dress is ideal - it uses minimum fabric, minimum sewing techniques and will fit a variety of sizes for a long time, I am heartliy sick of this pattern - so much so that the last - the white one, had to be different.
They are all packed up ready to go, and I think the sewing machine can have a well earned rest for a few days.