Friday, 5 June 2009

Calendar Girls 10 years on

I wonder if anyone else saw the documentary on UK TV about the amazing story of the Calendar Girls last night?

It is the story of the journey of a group of ladies who all rally round their friend who has lost her husband to leukaemia. They make a calendar - a nude calendar (with all the crucial bits well hidden!). They are all middle aged members of the WI and get a lot of stick for their so called "disreputable" activities. The calendar went on to make more money for Leukaemia Research than most of us could ever dream of raising. A film was made of their story - which I fully recommend, having seen it several times over, a stage show has now been made and they have launched a second nude calendar. These ladies are in their 60s and one is over 70!

The doc set me off crying of course, but it reminded me of why I too am trying to raise money for Leukaemia Research. Every little flower embellishment, baby beanie or handmade book I sit and make, helps in its own small way to provide money for the research for treatments for this life changing illness. My Etsy shop is my version of the calendar !

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  1. Hi , I didnt see it but it sounds very interesting . Nice to meet you.

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