Monday, 12 March 2012

Dresses for Malawi

Wow! It's been a busy week!
I had initially intended to make a couple of dresses for dress a girl around the world . There is a UK co-ordinator ( sewscrumptious)  that the dresses are sent to and they go to Malawi, Haiti, Uganda.... wherever there is a need.
I had just cut out the first one when I received an email from a friend asking people to donate items to a container that was shortly to go to Malawi. They needed stationary, computer items and of course... clothing! How timely, I thought, my dresses can now go direct, and I'll know exactly where they are going. But I only had two weeks!
I have cut and sewn like mad all week and now have a grand total of 10 dresses ready to send. Phew!
I have to confess, although I know the pillowcase dress is ideal - it uses minimum fabric, minimum sewing techniques and will fit a variety of sizes for a long time, I am heartliy sick of this pattern - so much so that the last - the white one, had to be different.
They are all packed up ready to go, and I think the sewing machine can have a well earned rest for a few days.

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