Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cushions for Kids Company

I have spent many spare moments over the past few weeks sewing....... sewing a total of 12 cushions for for some very deserving children supported by Kids Company.
Nicki in Switzerland who co-ordinates the making of these cushions asked me just before Christmas if I could help as she had a long list of cushions that needed to be made. I of course agreed. She sent me the completed cross stitch pictures, a list of names and the colours the children had requested.
I was amazed by the intricacy of the stitched pictures, and hence the amount of time that many people had put into creating these designs. My job, by comparison was simple!
I made the cross stitch designs into a pocket on the front of the cushion,
and appliqued their name on the back.The children, who have few belongings, treasure the fact that they have somewhere special to keep their favourite items, whilst they cuddle up to their colourful cushion - a cushion that has been made especially for them.

I had a great deal of fun, using up the brightest and boldest fabrics in my stash and edging the designs with oddments of ribbon that I had been hoarding for years. I found the applique relaxing and I smiled as I tried to imagine the little girl or boy it was destined for. And the bit I liked least? ... putting in all those zips of course!


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