Friday, 7 October 2011

Erin - A New Pattern

 I was really pleased to add a new pattern to my Etsy and Ravelry stores last nice. It's called Erin. It's funny that the name for it came to me half way through designing it, and I just knew that was what I was going to call it - no ifs or buts - that was it.
I really like this design as it ticks all the boxes. Its quick and easy to knit, so suitable for a relative beginner knitter, but with enough pattern and shaping to keep the knitter interested and happy.
It is also extremely versatile.
The thick strings came about because someone asked me to design one as a photoprop - photos of sleeping babies wearing only a slightly oversized hat with the bulky strings hanging down across their body, are very popular at the moment.
Its very easy to knit the string narrower though, and if the hat is slightly too big, the string will draw it in a little if its tied to one side of the chin.
If you want a really vintage girly look, then omit the string altogether, the eyelet pattern will then show up beautifully and you can sew on pretty ribbons.

If you are not into the feminine look, or want the hat to be gender neutral, omit the two rows of eyelet pattern and add plaited strings at either end.

You could also knit the flower in a variety of colours and sew them to hair clips. Knit the bonnet in a neutral colour and you can then clip on whichever flower suits baby's outfit that day. What a wonderfully versatile hat!!

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