Monday, 5 September 2011

7 dresses

Finally, these seven dresses have been parcelled up and posted off to KidsCompany.
Each summer I make dresses for deprived girls at Kids Company who might otherwise have to spend their summer school break in their usual T shirts and jeans. But this year, as well as some random size dresses that were sent off earlier, I agreed to make dresses for specific children. They gave me the sizes and the favourite colours of seven very needy girls, and these are the dresses I made for them. Unfortunately, I finished them just a couple of days too late to get them to them before broke up from school for the summer, so I've had to wait until now to send them off.
It looks as though summer is well and truly finished here (if it ever really got going!), but I'm sure they will enjoy wearing them with a T shirt and leggings, and they will appreciate receiving something that was made especially for them.

This one is my favourite - I think its the petite size and the bright colours that I particularly like. I was very pleased with the white edging stitch that I put on each ruffle with the overlocker.
I couldn't help thinking though, as I put a gift label on each dress, and parcelled them up, that 7 dresses is just a drop in the ocean I'd better that sewing machine out, and make some more!

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