Thursday, 17 March 2011

A jewel of a find

Yesterday, whilst spending far too much time on Etsy as usual, I came across the most wonderful shop I have ever seen.
It is  the quiet home and sells knitting patterns for dolls
I fell instantly in love with shop and her designs - so much so that I felt the need to convo her and tell her.
She has a blog and I've listed it in my Bloglist below. Her entries are a joy to read
This is a picture of her latest knitting pattern, I love the soft and subtle colours of the variegated yarn and the pose of the doll with its thumb in its mouth.

I too have been busy with my knitting patterns.
I now have most of my Etsy hats also available as pdf patterns and intend to continue writing more patterns over the coming months.
It has been quite a challenge to discipline myself to transfer my well loved pencil scribblings to neat properly written pattern format, but worth it, for even though I know most of the patterns off by heart, it is good to have them secure on my laptop where I can recover them at any time.
Whilst typing them up I was also inventing loads more patterns in my head, so I can see I'll be busy for many months to come transferring what's in my imagination to knitted items and accompanying patterns.
Lets hope wehave a lovely warm summer  so that I can sit in the garden and work on them!

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