Saturday, 30 May 2009

Photo shoots are hot!!

We are having a mini heat wave in England - a rare event, so I was a little dissappointed yesterday to have to shut all the windows, leave my garden, where I love to spend sunny days and travel to St. Ives near Cambridge to do the photo shoot for my next Magmaker project. I set off early with the car filled to the brim with boxes and totes and every conceivable prop that I might need.
I hadn't done one of these before. I usually just post everything to them and it all magically gets done, but this time they wanted hands and tools in the shots. I don't know what I expected - probably, considering the weather, I had hoped it would be a spacious air conditioned room with a water dispenser close by. Not quite! It was a tiny room in a warehouse! And boy was it hot! And that's before I was sitting next to lights. The previous author's shoots had taken much longer than expected and this was Friday and Brett the cameraman didn't want to spend a sunny weekend working so we went at the fastest pace we knew how. Fortunately I was really organised and had every stage of the projects mocked up, labelled and ready to go, but after a few hours, even my quite obsessive organisational skills seemed to dissappear. Labels seemed to come unstuck in the heat, things got lost under piles of stuff I hadn't pack away properly and we sank into utter chaos.
Brett walked off to get something occasionally and came back with bright quips like " its a fantastic day out there" - just what I needed! Heaven knows how, but we actually managed to finish about 5.45pm. he was able to go home to a BBQ and I could start off on the long journey home, tired and grubby but relieved that we had managed to finish in the one day. I don't think I have ever worked so fast, under such hot conditions, without moaning (too much!!) before.
It was great to get home, let some air into the house and walk around my garden, admiring the plants and veggies and grateful that they had withstood the heat of the day. I couldn't face unpacking the car and restoring order to all the chaos. The one thing I have learned is that photo shoots are HOT!!!

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