Friday, 7 January 2011

Many times during last summer I remember pausing for a moment, feeling the sun on my face, taking in the feel of the dew on my feet as I walked barefoot on the lawn in the morning, enjoying the moment as I sat knitting in the garden, watching the late afternoon shadows moving across the grass, or just relishing the fact that I could work with the patio doors open. I took in those moments, thinking, I must remember this and store it up to get me through those long dismal winter days, just as a squirrel stores acorns to get him through the lean winter months.
Well. today is one of those days when I need that store!
I woke in darkness to that bitterly cold rain-come-snow stuff that doesn't have the beauty of snow, but is just thoroughly miserable to look at. It hasn't really got light all day, and motivation has been thin on the ground.

I do have new plans for my Etsy store though, so I shouldn't be wasting these days. I have bought some more organic cotton and look forward to designing some lovely little dresses with it.

Organic fabric is INCREDIBLY difficult to get in this country, so I end up importing most of it from the US. This does make me feel rather bad about its carbon footprint. It is also often out of stock, so I can't reliably offer to make custom orders. I love making things with it though, so for now I shall just continue to make up whatever takes my fancy and hopefully sell it in the size that I have in stock. My dream is that one day soon enough people will demand organic that I will be able to source it locally!

I have also been playing with some new sewn items - I'm not giving too much away just yet. I'm a perfectionist and although my first designs were thought by most people around me to be just great, I have a few areas I want to perfect a little more work on, before I let you see them!!
Hopefully, it won't be too long before you see some brand new sections in Lovefibres store.

Happy New Year to you all

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