Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I can't believe I'm knitting fair isle again!

What was I thinking of?! I swore years ago that i'd never do anything in fair isle again. All that twisting of the colours around each other to prevent loops, all that trying not to get them too tight, so there is not enough give, all that unwinding of the yarns as they get wrapped so tightly together (possibly with your fingers entwined in them) and then horror of horrors - all those ends to sew in!!So what possessed me to start again? Maybe it was the cuteness of a little baby shoe. Maybe, like childbirth you are genetically programmed to forget the downside of something as time passes. Whatever it was, there is just one problem - having remembered all the things I don't like about it, how will I ever make myself knit the second shoe??!!


  1. Oh, I'm impressed - my feeble attempts at fair isle many, many moons ago, ended in disaster and I never completed anything - all those lenths of yarn threaded across the back, just getting tighter and tighter - definitely not got the patience for it!

  2. I don't envey that one, can't you just have one and keep it as an ornament or something, lol. You've got patience than me that's for sure. I've never been good at knitting and crochet well just forget it.

    Luv Dee xxx