Sunday, 12 July 2009

All good campervans should have one

In a week's time my youngest son Mike and his girlfriend Laura (the same Laura that works on the artwork for the Making Cards Specials with me) are going travelling in a campervan round Europe for a few months. They have been planning the trip for a very long time and as departure day draws nearer the list of jobs still to do become more urgent. Mike has been making storage boxes that fit the available space to best advantage and Laura has been sewing away on a very special quilt. I'll have pictures of that later - its soooo nearly finished, but not quite!

Trying to fit everything you need for a long period of travelling in one van has proven to be quite an art. Everything needs a home, including the pegs, so Laura cut some felt letters to label the drawstring bag
But this isn't just any old peg bag, its the campervan pegbag, so they decided to embroider a little picture on the back.

They BOTH wanted to do the sewing on this bit - even to the point where they were fighting because they both wanted to embroider the wheels !

I think its so cute!

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